New Lamb Of God album recorded with EBS pedals!

Posted on March 6, 2012

The new album "Resolution" from US metal band Lamb Of God entered the Billboard Album list last week at no 3!

According to bass player John Campbell, he brought his EBS pedals to the studio and ended up using the MultiComp on ALL tracks through out the album, as well as the DPhaser on the songs "the Number Six" and "King Me".


This was confirmed by several times Grammy nominated producer Josh Wilbur, who expressed his fascination over these pedals and claimed the MultiComp had a big impact on the bass sound on this record, and also revealed he had recieved many comments about the great bass sound!


The album debuted at #3 on Billboard's Album list,  #2 in Canada, and have recieved mentions in the press as a likely candidate for the best metal album of the year when it's time to round up 2012.


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