Within just a decade LD Systems has become a major pro audio brand with an extensive range of product lines. The expert LD engineering team and highly motivated personnel are continuously engaged in creating advanced, state-of-the-art audio equipment that provides superior sonic performance and exceptional value. Designed in Germany, LD Systems professional audio products deliver world-class sound around the globe.

LD Systems is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group with headquarters near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Established more than 35 years ago, the company has built a solid reputation for quality products, outstanding customer service and being a dependable partner in the pro audio, events and MI industries. The Adam Hall Group's rigorous standards and dedication to innovation are reflected in each and every LD Systems pro audio product


The world's first battery operated column PA system

Combining outstanding sound quality and stunning compact design with the amazing versatility of battery-operated speakers, we've created an ultra-portable PA system for you: meet the MAUI® 5 GO. Powered by a high-capacity Li-Ion battery, the MAUI® 5 GO allows you to play your music wherever you feel like.


High-performance complete systems consisting of subwoofers and satellite speakers or column speakers from LD Systems offer solutions for a gamut of applications from home recording to mobile use and permanent installation. The third-generation DAVE systems, for example, provide both numerous connections and an impressive listening experience and can are also quick to set up and easy to transport. The portable column PAs of the MAUI Series by LD Systems represent another variant that is equally suitable for musicians and DJs. Thanks to the linear configuration of the speakers , these unobtrusive mini line arrays have the advantage of very even sound distribution, which ensures a highly uniform listening experience everywhere in the room.

CURV 500

With the CURV 500®, LD Systems presents the first really portable array with WaveAhead® technology for high-definition audio quality with an amazing sound pressure and excellent balance. Thanks to the expandable vertical and horizontal coverage, the system is completely scalable. The unibody aluminium construction of the CURV 500® array satellites sets new standards and is essential for the outstanding sound quality of the system. The unique SmartLink® plug-and-play adapter also offers numerous mounting options. For all-in-one comfort, the 4-channel mixer integrated in the CURV 500® provides a range of digital effects, as well as modern Bluetooth® wireless technology. Three sets are available for mobile and fixed installation. They feature a low weight and a wide, far-ranging sound dispersion. Thanks to optional extensions, the systems can be perfectly expanded further. Black and white housing designs for the AV Set allow for harmonious integration into the surrounding architecture.


The active MAUI column systems by LD Systems offer an especially compact complete PA solution: they are very easy to transport, can be set up in seconds, and blend into any setting thanks to their unobtrusive appearance. The vertical array configuration, digital signal processing, and individualized amplification of the frequency bands by separate power amplifiers ensure an especially large dispersion angle and extremely homogeneous sound distribution in the audience area. With their impressive audio performance and simple handling, the MAUI PA systems are suitable for a surprisingly wide range of applications.


With the DAVE 8 Roadie, LD Systems are successfully implementing their motto "pro audio in motion". This complete PA system with its powerful 1400-watt (Peak) power amp delivers astounding performance for mobile applications. The system is equipped with a high-performance 8" band-pass subwoofer and two satellite speakers (2 x 4" + 1") and was designed as a flexible and portable mini PA system especially for musicians.


With three formats, the DAVE G³ Series by LD Systems always offers a correct choice for a very wide range of requirements. Impressive sound, dependable performance, and convenient transport make the active subwoofer/satellite systems an ideal compact PA for demanding sound reinforcement tasks. The practical features also include the intelligent digital signal processor, which ensures optimal and constant reproduction.