Quality Guitars & Basses Played for Over 125 Years

Our electric guitars are used by some of the most discerning professional players who demand quality, tone and playability. Our Violin Bass has become one of the world's iconic guitars and remains, after 55 years, as the preferred bass guitar for many, from those starting out to seasoned professionals. Our electric guitar product line has expanded in recent years to accommodate those who aspire to owning a classic brand but at an affordable price. We have achieved this through our CT ('Contemporary') line of instruments, built using classic Höfner design and quality but offered at a price point that enables everyone to experience the thrill of playing a Höfner guitar.


The first Höfner bass was designed by Walter Höfner in 1955 and first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in the spring of 1956. This was the now iconic 500/1 Violin Bass made famous by Sir Paul Mccartney who has played one since 1961. This and other models such as the Club, Verythin and President continue to be produced by Höfner and sold worldwide.


Höfner has a long history of building electric guitars and has produced some world famous models such as The Galaxie, The Verythin and The President to name just three. The Höfner electric archtop line runs back to around 1953 when the first electrics were produced. Today we continue to offer quality electric guitars, from simple travel models through to world class archtops.


We are not absolutely sure when production of classical guitars began, maybe 1928 or 1929, but they were certainly in the catalog in 1930. There have been many models over the years and we continue to offer quality hand built guitars for everyone from beginners to professional players.