Ultrasone Edition M+: the Exclusive Travel Companion for High-End Listening Pleasure


With the Edition M+ Black Pearl, Ultrasone has added a
circumaural model to their range of high-end travel headphones. As the perfect
partner to high-res mobile players, smartphones, tablets and notebooks, the Edition
M+ Black Pearl brings you audiophile music pleasure when you’re on the go.
Patented S-Logic® Plus technology ensures unique spatial sound reproduction. The
exquisite Black Pearl design with its high-gloss ruthenium look underlines the tonal
demands of the new mobile generation. These new high-end travel headphones are
made by hand in Ultrasone’s Bavarian manufacturing facility.

Built for Smartphones, Tablets, and High-Res Mobile Players
The Edition M+ has been developed for a new mobile, audiophile music experience.
They enable exclusive high-end pleasure in combination with high-res mobile
players, smartphones, tablets and notebooks. They thus accommodate the high
demands of a new generation of audiophiles who are particularly fond of relaxing with
their music collection when on long journeys.

Titanium-Coated Sound Transducers and S-Logic® Plus Technology
The centerpiece of the Edition M+ is the Ultrasone-developed 40 millimeter sound
transducer, which makes for high-resolution music reproduction thanks to its titanium
coating. Together with our patented S-Logic® Plus technology, a unique, spatial,
high-resolution soundscape is created, with a broad stereo panorama and excellent
tonal depth gradation. Music is thus reproduced as authentically as if from a pair of
high-end stereo loudspeakers in a perfectly calibrated room. The headphones’
circumaural design enables perfect shielding in both directions – music can be
privately enjoyed at all volumes. And disruptive background noises are effectively
reduced without altering sound reproduction.

Exquisite Design for an Individual Look When on the Move
It’s not only the inner qualities of the Edition M+ that make an impression – they’re
good-lookers too! The high-gloss, ruthenium-look ear cups accentuate their high-end
quality together with the carefully selected sheepskin on the ear cushions and
headband. The materials were not just chosen from a design perspective: the PVD
coating of the ear cups and the particularly durable leather form the basis for years of
mobile listening pleasure.

The Perfect Travel Companion
Excellent wear comfort is a must for travel headphones. This is why the Bavarian
headphone specialist developed the perfect combination of low weight and
ergonomic design for the Edition M+. The precisely crafted and cushioned spring
steel headband fits the head snugly and elegantly. Soft sheepskin makes for a
pleasurable feeling on the skin, and its breathable characteristics enable hours of
listening pleasure. The light weight of 228 grams also ensures that, after a very short
time, listeners no longer notice they are wearing headphones.

Integral Headset Functionality for Smartphones and Tablets
The Edition M+ was developed for hours of relaxation with your favourite music when
on the go. Nevertheless, music lovers will never miss important calls with this travel
edition. Connected to a smartphone or tablet, incoming calls will discreetly ease
themselves into the foreground. A click of the switch on the remote control cable
switches to the call, and the integrated microphone provides excellent speech
intelligibility. A further click ends the call. This headset functionality can also be used
for other services such as video-conference apps.

Special App for Android Mobile Devices
Users of Android mobile devices in particular benefit from the Edition M+: They can
download the free Ultrasone app from the Google Play Store. This allows you to
configure the headset functionality to suit your needs and – by means of the remote
control cable, also enables control of popular Android audio players such as Google
Music, andLess, Winamp, Android Player and many more. In addition to call management and audio player control, the Ultrasone app also allows you to digitally
control the volume.

Handcrafted in the Bavarian Headphone Factory
The Ultrasone Edition M+ Black Pearl is very carefully manufactured by hand in the
Bavarian headphone factory. Each individual model is put through a meticulous
manufacturing process before undergoing rigorous testing after final assembly.
Thanks to the use of natural materials and the addition of an individual serial number,
every model is unique. Furthermore, almost all of the headphones’ components
come from regional suppliers.

A detachable 1.2m OFC cable is included as well as a high-quality felt bag for safe

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