Uriah Duffy Endorses Darkglass

“I thank Darkglass for providing us with crushing tones that we can use in our arsenal”

This rock legend talks about his present in the music business… and the challenges for new bass players.

He gained recognition for the metal sound of Whitesnake, but Uriah Duffy has been building a reputation as a bassist, musical director, producer and even professor for quite some time. “If you are interested in the full capabilities of your instrument, you should be intrigued at how different players approach it” he says about this experience, “I take every situation as a learning experience, so I learn my instrument from as many influences as possible”.

This way of thinking has certainly helped him in his career, giving him the confidence to work with different musicians and styles, including Whitesnake, his own project Points North and even some cover bands, which he considers a necessary experience for musicians everywhere: “I’ve always seen them as PAID education in the study of some of the best recorded bass lines in history” he says, “you get pay, gigging experience, exposure and time behind your bass”.

An open mind that allows him to even give some advice: “The quicker you can hear, recognize and repeat a sound, the better musician you can be” he tells us about the secret to become a successful bass player, “but there’s also so much to learn regarding how to conduct oneself and making a career from this passion of ours… You need to observe those who are already doing this and learn as much as possible from them

Now a Darkglass user, Uriah also shares the advantages of his current gear: “The Duality Fuzz has been my favorite fuzz yet, going from mellow to buzzsaw, but retaining my notes”. And he doesn’t stop there, “For rock style gigs, I always bring the Darkglass Microtubes B3K… This is the first distortion I’ve used on bass that kept my low end intact”. “The construction, ease of use, sound quality and usability are all points that I appreciate in Darkglass, kudos to Douglas and the team for providing us with crushing tones that we can use in our arsenal!”