Gemini Syndrome's Alessandro Paveri Endorses Darkglass

“Darkglass stands for outstanding quality and great people to work with”

Italian born, but currently living and working in California, Alessandro Paveri divides his schedule between his band Gemini Syndrome and teaching the bass, an instrument he fell in love with during his youth. “I started to play very young and bass was my instrument of choice from the beginning” he shares, “I’ve always been attracted by its distinctive sound”.

First drawn to the rock sound by legends Steve Harris and Cliff Burton, the idea of teaching came naturally in his career: “Is definitely a great experience to see people excited about what they’re doing and getting better”. An excitement that he shares with his band mates, with the upcoming release of the second album of Gemini Syndrome (following “Lux” in 2013) and a lot of touring. “We will be on the road pretty much all the time and we are very excited!” he says.

Now, with a career that has seen him sharing the stage with bands like The Maension, Sikolishes and The Black Nailz, this bass rocker shares his advice to make it as a musician: “Be yourself and try to develop your own sound as a band and musician as well”. And in this search, gear is essential, “I always search quality, reliability and simplicity”.

“I am in a good position now because we all have the same goal” he tells us about this handful of projects “I think the most important thing is to be surrounded by the right people”. With this in mind, he has been a Darkglass friend for a long time: “Darkglass is dedicated to bass guitar gear only, I think this makes a big difference compare to other companies… It stands for outstanding quality and great people to work with”