Darkglass Microtubes 700 Gets a Release Date

Darkglass founder Douglas Castro opens up about this exciting new project, and shares details about its launching.

2016 is synonym of big news for Darkglass. After more than 5 years changing the face of bass gear and making great friends in the music world, the idea was to expand our horizons into wild territory: Creating our very own amp. “This transition is very important for us, it’s a big challenge” shares Douglas Castro, our founder, “it’s the chance to contribute to a wider audience in the bass community”.

The objective: One amplifier that keeps all the characteristics you love in our big family of pedals –compact, light, versatile- but giving us the opportunity to try our own boundaries as a company. A journey that hasn’t been easy. As Douglas puts it: “It’s has been a really hard and long process, very educational and inspiring for us… We’ve pushed ourselves and become better because of it”. A footswitch that allows you to interact with the amazing tones of the Microtubes 700 is just one of a the new features we have in store for you with this new launch.

Our Microtubes 700 represents all the growth and knowledge we have acquired during all these years in the bass gear world. And it’s a big break to keep growing: “A whole universe of possibilities is opening up for Darkglass and the future looks incredibly exciting and promising” Douglas says about this release. “As we actualize our vision into this amp and all the potential we saw in it became real, our capabilities to tackle bigger engineering problems and our ambition increased”.

There’s a lot to expect for this release: “Amplifiers are becoming very similar to one another” Doug tells us, “and it’s very refreshing for us and our users to bring something new to the table”. But when could you get it? “We are hoping to get Microtubes 700 out in July, as we are still working on some new surprises” confirms Douglas, adding details about its cost: “It’s going to be around $999.00 US, that’s a good estimate”. So get ready and mark your calendar, because this release marks the beginning of a new era for Darkglass… and a new sound for you.