Ultrasone Announces a New Headphone Masterpiece to Celebrate Their Anniversary!

The Jubilee Edition 25: limited to only 250 units worldwide!

A quarter of a century of high-end hi-fi for completely private music enjoyment: the first Ultrasone headphones came onto the market 25 years ago. The Bavarian headphone manufacturers are celebrating this anniversary with a unique masterpiece: the Jubilee Edition 25. Limited to 250 units worldwide, the high-end headphones mark this anniversary year with perfection in sound, design and workmanship. And they represent the expertise that comes from 25 years of continuous development addressing all the senses: titanium-coated Mylar sound transducers and S-Logic® EX technology combine with ear cups made from Makassar ebony to produce a unique flagship with perfect workmanship

Celebrating 25 Years of Ultrasone Headphones With a Masterpiece

Ultrasone, the Bavarian headphone manufacturer from the Bavarian Prealps,
launched its first model exactly 25 years ago, and since then has been delighting
passionate music lovers and professionals alike. With its manufacturing facility on Lake Starnberg, Ultrasone has decisively shaped the production of dynamic high-end
headphones “Handmade in Germany”: the Edition series has earned the company
global renown. Today, hi-fi enthusiasts and audio professionals in over 50 countries
enjoy Ultrasone headphones. The company has successfully filed over 60 patents
that have been incorporated into numerous developments. They stand as a symbol
for our continuous research.

The Crowning Jewel of the Edition Series

Ultrasone now presents a new masterpiece from its manufacturing facility: the Jubilee Edition 25. Thanks to their matched titanium-coated, 40-millimeter Mylar drivers, these high-end closed headphones offer the ultimate audiophile experience. They provide a unique richness of detail, thus forming the foundations for the impressive resolution. At the same time, they form the basis for excellent spatial localization and precise depth graduation. Music is therefore reproduced exactly as the artist intended.

S-Logic EX Redefines Spatial Listening

When combined with the driver, one Ultrasone core technology ensures a musical
experience not normally found outside the concert hall: S-Logic EX is based on a
de-centrally positioned, angled sound transducer whose funnel-shaped housing
produces a much more spatial effect and greater transparency due to more frequent
signal reflections. The resulting sound experience is now virtually indistinguishable
from high-end speakers, but far outshines them in terms of audible details. S-Logic
EX creates a broad stereo platform and a vivid tonal depth gradation combined with
unrivalled detail of reproduction that turn both classical and modern music into a
unique experience.

Premium Materials Accentuate Exclusivity

The acoustic perfection of the Jubilee Edition 25 is impressively accentuated by an ensemble of premium materials: Ultrasone is setting new standards in headphone design, with ear cups made from Makassar ebony. This extremely exclusive, renewable raw material is finished by a specialist company based in Swabia, Germany. This precious wood, which has been coated in eight layers of piano lacquer, is then manually fine-sanded, polished and finally coated to protect the surface a further eight times – all to provide it with its final deep-gloss finish. The finely worked decorative inlay made of 925 sterling silver, which is accompanied by a
certificate providing proof of quality, emphasises the Jubilee Edition 25’s exclusive
appearance. The ear cushions and the cushioning on the aluminium headband
feature the dark-grey leather of the Ethiopian long-haired sheep, which provides an
attractive contrast to the colour of the wood grain.

Ready-Balanced Thanks to LEMO Connector

Even just connecting the Jubilee Edition 25 is a pure joy: the LEMO connectors snap securely into the ear caps and, together with a hand-selected, silver premium cable, provide a breathtaking musical experience. Thanks to the detachable cable and the standardised LEMO connector, it is possible to produce a tailor-made cable in any required length. This also provides the possibility of a balanced connection. Every Jubilee Edition 25 comes with a 3m cable for 3.5mm and 6.3 stereo jacks.

Unique Listening and Wearing Experience

Simply switch off, listen to the sound of your favourite music and relax – the true
virtues of a set of headphones are shaped not only by their sound quality, but above
all by their wear comfort and ergonomics. The headband and ear cushions on the
Jubilee Edition 25 are therefore covered with the fine leather of the Ethiopian longhaired
sheep. This soft material retains its silky properties for a lifetime, and yet is
extremely hard-wearing. The headphones sit perfectly with an optimal, gentle hold
thanks to the adjustable, cushioned headband. Weighing in at just 314 grams, these
headphones make it possible to enjoy music for hours on end. Furthermore, the
shielding conforms to the ULE standard, thereby guaranteeing fatigue-free

A Manufacturing Facility That Produces Unique Pieces

Each Jubilee Edition 25 is handmade in the ULTRASONE manufacturing facility on the Raucherberg Estate in the Bavarian Prealps. All the components undergo extensive quality checks before they are assembled to create a set of top-class headphones. In addition, precise matching of all sound-shaping components really ensures that the left and right sound channels sound the same and music lovers profit from the high-quality input to the full. After one last comprehensive quality check, each set of the 250 Jubilee Edition 25 headphones is given an individual serial number – making each pair visibly unique.

High-Quality Case for Safe Transport and Optimal Storage

Even though it is tempting to enjoy music on the Jubilee Edition 25 every minute of the day, safe storage and transport should still be guaranteed. That is why ULTRASONE provides a painstakingly crafted premium case with every model. The elegant hard case stores the headphones and their accessories and perfectly showcases the Jubilee Edition 25 even on the go.

ULTRASONE Jubilee Edition 25 will be available in stores from the end of November 2016.

To download high-res photos of Jubilee 25 Edition please go to: http://download.dondexter.com/Jubilee_25_Edition_highres_photos_logo.zip